The Positive Difference A Reliable Web Hosting Company Can Do For Your Website

Previously individuals could only purchase their requirements from online stores from their desktop or laptop. The emergence of smartphones has changed this scene dramatically. Based on estimates, nearly 70% people depend on their smartphones to browse the net and purchase their requirements while on the move. This provides you the opportunity of increasing your sales by hosting a website. You will be surprised to know that many of your old customers, who used to purchase their requirements from your brick and mortar store, nowadays depend on online stores for purchasing their requirements.

Choosing a reputable and reliable hosting company
Registering an appealing domain name and selecting a professional web design studio to design your website and optimize it for search engines is only half the task. You need to ensure that you host your website with a company that has a proven record and offers various types of hosting packages. This allows you to start your online business using a shared server, and gradually opting for a dedicated server once your business increases. Although searching the net will provide you with details of tens of thousands of web hosting companies, each one claiming to be the best, all of them fade in comparison to Host Rocket. This company has built up a strong reputation over the years is the preferred hosting company for leading businesses.

Points to check when selecting a web hosting company
• Ensure that the company offers unlimited disk storage space as well as bandwidth. Many companies hide their FUP (fair usage policy), which effectively allows them to cap the bandwidth after consumption of a specific quantity of bandwidth per month. They also impose a limit on the disk space.
• Check if the hosting company offers an uptime of 99.99%. Do not settle for anything less than this. This means that your clients will never see the dreaded `404 site not found’ message while trying to access your website. You can rest assured that once a prospective client is unable to access your website, he will never visit your site again.
• Confirm if the hosting company applies security patches to the operating system and installs a new version of the operating system as soon as the same is released.
• Check the number of additional freebies offered by the company. Reputable hosting companies include free domain name when you purchase an annual hosting plan with them. They also include free scripts including WordPress as a part of the deal. Good hosts also offer industry standard cPanel along with their hosting plan.
• Ensure that the company you plan to host your website with offers round the clock support. This is necessary if your website goes down at odd hours.
• As your business grows, so will your requirement for additional storage space, bandwidth, and the need for a dedicated server. Ensure that the company you select allows you to upgrade your hosting plan as and when required. They should also offer you the option to purchase additional RAM as required.
• Check the number of apps offered as a part of the hosting plan. Many companies charge extra for this. However, this is not the case with Host Rocket as it offers in excess of 250 apps as a part of their hosting plan.
• This company will also design a custom website for you at down to earth prices, include domain registration, and allow you the opportunity to transfer domains too. The last point comes in handy if you are fed up with your current host and want to shift your loyalty to Host Rocket.
The tariffs of Host Rocket start from $5.99 per month for the basic package to $119 per month for dedicated hosting, which includes 8 GB memory, 15 TB bandwidth, 100 Mbps uplink, and much more. You can sweeten this deal further by using coupon codes that allow you to get up to 25% off their list prices. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you hunt online a bit, you will find other attractive discount codes that allow you to avail more savings on their hosting plans. Instead of taking a risk by hosting your website with any other hosting agency, depend on Host Rocket, and see your online business boom within a short period.

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